Can I take feminax for abortion cramps?!

Question: Can I take feminax for abortion cramps.?
After having a surgical abortion last week I have started having bad cramps and am bleeeding (not too heavily) Am I ok to take feminax for the pain.?

Thanks in advance, and please spare me the ethics debate, i'm not interested in your god's opinion of me!!
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Yes, you can take whatever you would normally take to tackle pain or period pain. Keep an eye on how heavy you're bleeding though. Painkillers thin the blood and that could cause you to bleed more than you should, but since it was a week ago you should be coming to the end of your bleeding time. Just keep an eye on it and if you start to bleed more heavily than you have been then get it checked out. I'd presume you'll be ok though, just keep your eyes peeled.

Good luck!
- K

Edit: ignore all the people trying to guilt trip you. They don't have a clue. And we don't know anything about your circumstances. :)Health Question & Answer

please go back to your physician as soon as possible ...... it it possible that they have omitted to get all the placenta and that could be causing the stomach cramps ......... if left unattended you could end up with a nasty infection ....... go back to your physician and get him to check for you ...... better safe than sorry hey.


peace baby
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Why would it not be okay.? It's not like you're pregnant or anything and wouldn't want to take drugs to harm the baby. Do whatever the **** you want, just like you always do.Health Question & Answer

I just strangled my two-year old to death.

Don't judge me! You don't know my life, my situation, circumstances, ethics or anything like that!Health Question & Answer

i would check with the doctor just to be sure or google it.? im sure it would be fine thoughHealth Question & Answer

no ideaHealth Question & Answer

ask your doc

and its ok that you dont want my gods opinion cause its my devil your gonna be dealing withHealth Question & Answer

why did you kill your baby.? That baby does not belong to you now he or she belongs to God and is in Heaven probally thinking why did she kill me. but also having a great time in Heaven and will grow up to be a beautifull child that you may never see.unless you give your heart to Jesus who can save you if you ask and repent. we all sin each of us, but God want us to be sorry of our sins, and accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour. God will forgive you if you ask in Jesus name. and if you get saved you will see your child againHealth Question & Answer

i'm sure it's fine, maybe you should call the local clinic just to be sure. good luck!

and ignore ignorant people, they don't know you, your life, your situation, your ethics, or anything like that.Health Question & Answer

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