Very personal question only for girls?!

Question: Very personal question only for girls.?
How do I stop my breasts growing.? They've grown from a C-cup the last time I was measured to much much much bigger now and as summer is coming in again I want to be able to wear nice dresses and pretty things but I don't think I'll be able to because they're so noticeable and it's creepy that some guys stare at your boobs instead of you! I never used to have this problem and I don't know why I've had so much growth, should I see my doctor.? I have started wearing sports bras as they help but they don't look nice and I don't want to look like I'm on show all the time if that makes sense xxxxHealth Question & Answer


It really deppends on what kind of hormones you have. =3 Don't worry about this okee.? You can still wear pretty thingiis, and you can still be elegent and whatever! Don't let guys staring at your breasts get you to feel bad. Guys are naturally kinda perverted, and alot are really perverted. Its normal! And alot of guys just get turned on by big breasts, because their fun to play with and fun to look at. ;x; (S-Sorry if thats freaky to you..) My breasts are 32A and no guys ever look at my breasts, because I'm pretty much flat. T___T so its kinda sad.. And I'd love to have a C cup! Or bigger!

And also, surgery can be a good idea.. My mom used to have really big breasts, and she got a breast reduction and shes liek D cup nows. oxo But I really wouldn't suggest surgery.. its better to be yourself, your natural self. And I think alot of guys prefure a girl who is real, and not a girl who edits herself because she thinks shes not pretty when she actually is.Health Question & Answer

Me!Health Question & Answer

Sorry hun, but this is normal and there's nothing you can do about it. I know it's no consolation, but there are loads of people out there who would kill to be in this position, myself included!! There are bra styles (minimisers) which can help you make them less noticeable rather than pushing them up under your chin like most modern bras do!Health Question & Answer

Well if you don't want to look so big up top then wear a pillow below your breasts. The men will stop staring and look at your face instead. Only your husband will ever need to know you are not what you look like. It works. My mom has large breasts D or DD. And I know she knows how you feel.Health Question & Answer

i hate this when it happens to makes me feel like i'm a walking pair of boobs, makes me feel monstrous :-( if i knew a way to make boobs smaller, i would've tried it!Health Question & Answer

i dont think theres a healthy way to do that. but i wouldnt worry.
if it really ends up bothering u and effecting ur life.. there is always breast reduction availableHealth Question & Answer

It is normal and you wear some loose dress if you feel shy.Health Question & Answer

wear a sports bra at night!Health Question & Answer

wear your bra at nightHealth Question & Answer

No idea on how to get them to stop growing.. And if you ever find out let me know... Mine are 36 F and I'm average height and weight so its not because i'm heavy or anything... I too wear sports bras too, they are super comfy but make you have a uniboob which isn't very attractive... I would say just make sure you wear a bra that isn't push up... I have a couple of granny bras and they work really well because they aren't enhancing as well as holding them in ya know... Trust me girl I'm right there with ya its so not fun... Especially when you can't wear the cute shirts without your goodies falling out... UGH!Health Question & Answer

I don't think there's anything you can do to stop growth, but maybe you will grow into them a bit. In other words, you may feel more comfortable with them later on. It's so true though that bigger breasted girls can't wear the same things as others. I look at catologs with pretty dresses in them and wonder what I could wear under the dress to cover up cleavage ... you just can't get away with not covering it up or you'll look like a ****.
Anyway, I'm glad you're not going out of your way to flaunt them, but you have to live with them. What I do is I get those tank tops with shelf bras and cut the bottom off (the belly part) so it's the size of a sports bra. Then I wear that under lower cut shirts or dresses to cover the cleavage a bit without having to wear a whole shirt underneith.Health Question & Answer

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