Why don't they put tampons and pads in restrooms anymore?!

Question: Why don't they put tampons and pads in restrooms anymore.?
I was at the casino and got my period and they didnt have any tampon or pad dispensers there. What did they do , take them out of the restrooms now and why.?Health Question & Answer

too expensive. WHen they put thoses in they have every intention of filling them up, but then as they run out, everyone figures 'I'll replace them tomorrow." but that tomorrow never comes. it's better not have dispensers then 'fool' people with ones that will always be emptyHealth Question & Answer

People who frequent Casinos have found new ways of using tampons, when they discovered how they can bet on new orifices which can be plugged and wiped!
What sorta questions to ask, in this forum.?.?!Health Question & Answer

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