Irregular periods and hormones help?!

Question: Irregular periods and hormones help.?
I'm 15 and I started my period at the age of 12. I am not on the pill, and there's a 0% chance I'm pregnant.
Ever since I started my periods, they have never been regular and I've gone six months without bleeding before.
I get extremely hormonal and cry at the smallest things (for example, in Eastenders, the Ronnie and Danielle situation - when I think about a certain part I'll start crying).
I'm not underweight or overweight, my BMI is in the normal category.
The hormones affect me badly, and I'm just wondering what it could be or if it's serious.
Thanks.Health Question & Answer

To be honest it reminds me completely of my hormones when I was your age. Nearly 10 years on and they are far more balanced now! Things you can do to help your hormones include exercise (endorphins help your mood and make u happy!), eat a balanced diet without fast food and excess carbs and sugar.

It is quite normal for periods to be irregular for a few years. Don't worry about it. If however this is distressing you, speak to a doctor. xxHealth Question & Answer

"It may take a while for your body to get things going smoothly and regularly. You may have a light flow or a heavy flow. Your periods may be late. You may even skip some months. Your period may be late when you get sick. It may be late when you worry about things like taking a test at school. Most likely your periods and cycles will become more regular as you grow older."

It's common for teens to have irregular cycles but you should still check with your doctor and still be getting yearly exams even if you aren't sexually active. (pap smears check for cancer cells and abnormal growths, etc...)Health Question & Answer Question & Answer

No it's normal. I think we all get like that sometimes, i used to be like that but i went to see my doctor about it and she really helped me and also gave me some tablets for it which helped, eventually i went on the pill and it's sooo much better now but just go and talk to you doctor about it trust me!
Btw....i cried at eastender too haha :) xHealth Question & Answer

You need to get to the gynecologist and have some testing done - starting with bloodwork to determine your hormone levels, and what's up.Health Question & Answer

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