What is going on with me? (girls only please)?!

Question: What is going on with me.? (girls only please).?
Okay. I have a story. This morning , at like 4 o' clock in the morning, I woke up and went to the bathroom. I didn't even do anything. Is this a bad sign.? I am thinking that I have started, but I'm not sure. Even though I didn't do anything, I sat there for about 5 more minutes. Something kept drip drip dripping, (from me) and I'm not sure what it was. Please Help! I didn't even see what color it was. Girls, can you help me.?Health Question & Answer

If when you went to the bathroom there were only drips of pee, you may have the start of a bladder infection. Those are really nasty and will only get worse. Soon you will have horrible pain and one drip. Before you can get your pants up, you will feel like you have to pee again. If this is what's going on, go to Walmart right now and but Uristat. It's an over the counter medication that used to be a prescription. It's a really common thing to happen to a girl so don't be scared. It will also make your pee orange so don't be scared about that either. You will be all better in a few hours.Health Question & Answer

Go to your GP.also if I were you I would just have a cartoon aviator instead of your actual face especially regarding private questions like this one.xHealth Question & Answer

How can anyone help you when you don't even know what you are telling us! Sorry but go to your doctor as the question makes little sense!Health Question & Answer

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