Um sibling sex is that normal????!

Question: Um sibling sex is that normal.?.?.?.?
i have a 15 year old brother and a 14 year old sister. my sister thinks my brother is good looking but she never said anything more about him. i went out with my boyfriend to the movies and when we came home my mom left me a note to keep an eye out on my siblings and make sure me and my boyfriend don't do anything until she comes back from dinner with her friends. so i went upstairs to my room with my boyfriend and my sisters door was open so i walked in to tell her goodnight and to my surprise there on her desk my sister is laying down and my brother was literally inside her humping her. now what.? i closed the door and my boyfriend said it turned him on. so i forgot about it and spent the night with my boyfriend but as we were doing it i couldn't help get the picture out of my mind so the sex was not pleasurable. do i tell my mom.? do i talk to them.? my brother wasn't wearing protection! what if my sis gets pregnant im so scared tell me what i should do!Health Question & Answer

1st off: Are they blood related.? Step Siblings or full.?
If they are step then its not THAT BIG a problem because they have no blood relations and the baby is fine. It will just be a family problem.
IF they have blood relation and have the same mother and father, you might have a little problem! That is definitely NOT normal and a pregnancy can result in small birth weight, mental problems and disorders, and physical deformities.Health Question & Answer

I had a friend in the same situation and she was worried, so she talked to her sister first off instead of her mom. Her sister knew it was wrong and wanted to stop and get some help, so did the brother, i think you should just talk first off with your sister and brother rather then your mom, so it could easily be worked out without stressing out your mom. I hope everything works out for you and your family :)Health Question & Answer

That is Not fine! it's called incest. Oh and yes be sure to tell your mom! Talk to your brother and sister separtely and tell them that that is not normal! your 14 year old sister is too young to have sexual intercourse. Get them help. But especially talk to your mom about it. It's not normal. Their not suppose to be doing that especially since their related. It's a bad thing.Health Question & Answer

Instead of screaming blue murder and all other obscenities at your brother and sister, you go and have sex with your boyfriend. Very clever!!! Now go and scream, rave and get mad. And tell, tell, tell. and if you get called a hypocrite, only blame yourself. Ma knew about it, otherwise she wouldn't have asked.
A very sick family, all 5, indeed.
Peace.Health Question & Answer

WTF! Why didn't you yell at them and send them to separate rooms till your parents got home!.? Then you and your parents could explain to them how wrong this is! Your sister could be pregnant!!! She needs to be checked out. 15 and 14, they should know about rubbers by now! NOT TO MENTION, DON"T HAVE SEX WITH MEMBERS OF YOUR FAMILY!!! This is clearly lack or supervision and proper parenting...PLEASE SIT DOWN WITH THEM AND YOUR PARENTS AND EDUCATE THEM, IN HOPES THEY WILL NEVER DO THIS AGAIN!

Hope your sister isn't pregnant!Health Question & Answer

First off, if they have a baby it will most likely have deformities. You need to talk to your sister first. Immediatly, see if it is being forced or she is the victim of abuse earlier in life.

This is very bad and needs to stop by whatever means necessary.Health Question & Answer

wow im sorry you had to see it. just hearing about it is more than enough. umm thats illegal and you need to tell your mom. if she gets pregnant by him, then their children could have disabilities and what not. but that is illegal and you need to tell your mom.
good luck.
please answer mine
thanksHealth Question & Answer

that is wrong on so many different levels. speak to your mom and definitely speak to your siblings. incest is wrong and especially having sex without condoms is wrong.Health Question & Answer

i would definately talk to your bro tell him the health problems of incest realtions and tell him to stop if it doesnt stop though go to your parents.Health Question & Answer

NO...DEFIANTLY NOT NORMAL. Please tell your mother. That's called incest and maybe there is something wrong with your brother or sister.Health Question & Answer

That's wrong in so many ways I cant even explain. You need to tell your mom no matter how hard it will be. Your sis needs some serious counseling as well as your brother. Ewwww.Health Question & Answer

You need to tell your mom. That could lead to disabilities in future offspring, and many other issues.Health Question & Answer

tell plz!!!!
this is serioss sorrry im gagging tell pllz he thats wrong damn it!
just tell your mom that they wer doing it believe me its the right thing to do ok
im still gagging
or black mail them!!!!Health Question & Answer

NOT normal.
If they are siblings and have a baby, the child will become disabled. Tell your mother.Health Question & Answer

Ewwww, okay. IDK. That image is ingraned in my skull forever.Health Question & Answer

one thats incest
two its unholy!! lol
plus there children would end up dis formed
ye n its wrong!
woooow im sorry but ew!Health Question & Answer

Incest is illegal. You need to tell your mother NOW because what they are doing is not okay in any society on this planet.Health Question & Answer

I suppose now you are kind of traumatized. If they feel that way about eachother, I think it's best to tell your parents.Health Question & Answer

I really hope that you're joking because that is just creepy.Health Question & Answer

I'm sorry that is just NOT normal..
Tell your mum!!
.. And ask them what the hell they were thinking.?Health Question & Answer

INCEST IS ILLEGAL! tell your mom!Health Question & Answer

Please tell your parents.Health Question & Answer

HOLY ****! damn, i never heard of anything like that before! tell your mom! omfg!Health Question & Answer

NO. NO. NO. that is incest! its illegal. tell your mother

i really hope this is a joke.Health Question & Answer

no way is that normal, and you should tell your mother

man i hope youre joking about this whole thingHealth Question & Answer

This is some southern ****.Health Question & Answer

No, it's not OK and you should tell your parents.Health Question & Answer

thats called incest go tell your mom thats disgustingHealth Question & Answer

eeewww....thats disgusting...tell your mom and talk to them about it...eww eww eww...Health Question & Answer

Jesus christ YA is full of genetic morons. Just because two siblings have sex, it doesn't mean the baby is instantly retarded. Incest is discouraged because it allows for a greater chance of recessive alleles (not necessarily bad genes) to become switched on. That allele could be a phenotype of blond hair, green eyes, or it could switch on a genetic disability that is carried in the family line, but unlikely. However, it is best to avoid incest for the sake of that it's easy to avoid doing your siblings and you should encourage genetic diversity.

However. I don't think they know the full spectrum of what they're doing, and either one may have pressured the other to do so, which is damaging to their mental health.Health Question & Answer

Pharmacy majorHealth Question & Answer


thats hawtHealth Question & Answer

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