Ok, I am 13 years old. I got my period in December. I dance and do dance competitions. One of my competitions lasts 5 days and happens to be on my period day! I don't know what to do! I wear tight costumes and tights. I want to learn to wear a tampon for that, and also for swimming in the summer. How do I insert one.? What brand is right for me.?Health Question & Answer

Choose a slender, slim, or junior ampon and make sure he barand you chose comes with and applicator. You could also try a sports brand, for your dance compiion , but they might not be the bes to start with/. Tampax Pearl is a good brand. Ask your mom, friend, and/or sister what they prefere.

All tampon boxes come with instrucions, and make sure you read them thouroughly first. Heres a video (its all animated, nothing graphic dont worry) for help:

http://www.beinggirl.com/en_US/yourperio...Health Question & Answer

well, if you're not sure what brand to buy, check out different websites. plus, when you buy the product, they ALL come with instructions along with pictures on how to insert the tampon. when you put it in for the first time, do it slowly so you make sure you do it correctly. a couple of pointers: only buy the type of tampon that's good for your flow (heavy, light, regular). replace them every few hours. don't forget to take out the applicator... lol i did that before when i was young and didn't know how to work the things either. hope this helps!Health Question & Answer

go to http://www.beinggirl.com/en_US/yourperio... they have a video that shows you. you should use any tampon with a slim plastic applicator. the plastic it smooth so it wont hurt. good luck. answer mine.?
thanksHealth Question & Answer

They say on the side of the box how to insert it and what size you need depending on your weight, and how light your flow is.Health Question & Answer

i personally would recommend Tampax Pearl Slender! thts what i am guna use!
http://www.beinggirl.com/en_US/yourperio...Health Question & Answer

Well probally platex sport for dance it tells you how to insert it on the backHealth Question & Answer

you could also try ones that come with an applicator, thats what i used for my first time.Health Question & Answer

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