Is it normal to be swollen after getting eatin' by a guy.?!

Question: Is it normal to be swollen after getting eatin' by a guy..?
me and my boyfriend tried oral for the first time, and it was ok, but i'd rather not do it again to soon, cause i really sore and swollen ... and my clit is like bright red.
so yeah, is that normal.?.?Health Question & Answer

Too much sucking down there can swell the tissues so perhaps have him lick more and suck less.?

You can also get an infection if the guys mouth has food in it or you can get yeast if he has been drinking or eating something with sugar in it.

Have him brush his teeth and floss and rinse with mouth wash before your next time. Dont make it sound like his mouth is dirty - but explain that your 'area' is very fertile and any bit of food or sugar will cause problems. also - he should clean under his finger nails and wash his fingers before fingering you.

Yes - this hygiene is NOT sexy or fun, but you have to treat sex like fire: there are safety things you both need to do or you should not be doing it at all.Health Question & Answer

no its not really normal, he must have been too rough with you, if this was his first time too then he prob didnt have a clue what he was doing, next time tell him whats nice and tell him if its hurting you its all a learning curve for both of you.Health Question & Answer

if it was your first time yah you are just getting used to it and it would be better if you get used to it so do it again when it is not swollen email me with more probsHealth Question & Answer

MEHealth Question & Answer

.....Im sure its only because it was your first time.
But erm...maybe get him to be a bit gentler next time.? :| it shud be a pleasurable act...not one you regret. Talk to him next time, about what you want.Health Question & Answer

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