Should I start the Pill today?!

Question: Should I start the Pill today.?
Ok My doctor gave me the Pill -tricyclen*lo- to regulate my period. She told me to take it the first Sunday of my next period.....Now yesterday I have been having mild cramps and brown spotting, today I woke up to feel more cramping and spotting....Should I start the Pill today.?

By the way, this is not pregnancy spotting because well I haven't been sexually active to get pregnant...My period is just freaking out for the sake of freaking outHealth Question & Answer

If you think this can just be between period spotting and it is not time for you to start, then don't take them today. They tell you to start them on Sunday, because the packs are laid out on a weekly basis starting on Sunday. If this is not actually your period, then I would wait until I get a good start and begin them next Sunday. Some people will start the while spotting, then it isn't their period and mess up their cycles for a couple of months, when it doesn't come.

hope this helps..Health Question & Answer

if you got your period already then start your pillHealth Question & Answer

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