I dont like people seeing me naked?? Why?!

Question: I dont like people seeing me naked.?.? Why.?
When i was maybe 11 and under i was so fine with taking showers with my mom and walking around naked. But now, Now i am 13, i just feel uncomfortable, i have boobs and pubic hair and i like taking baths more than showers but i take them in my moms bathroom in the mornings and she is in there getting her makeup on and stuff, but i just kinda hide my body, i have a really nice body, but i just dont like people seeing it... is this normal.? Help.?Health Question & Answer

this is definetly normal, as you grow up to be more of a woman, you might become a lot more aware of people seeing you naked. i no i was... i never minded my mom to see me naked, im now 12 and i really dont want her to see me naked... i guess its just how our brains work you know.? sometimes i wish i could be one of those girls who dont care about otheers seeing her naked... i mean, ive gone skinny dipping twice with 3 of my friends and i didnt mind it (that was last year) but with your mom, its kinda akward (for me at least.)
hope this helped, and sorry its so long, but hey, you asked! =)Health Question & Answer

...me, a name, i call myself... =)Health Question & Answer

That's a completely normal phase of adolescence.

Is there another bathroom in your house where you could take your bath.? You could also switch to taking baths at night, when your mom isn't in there.

She might be a bit hurt that you don't want her to see you anymore, but just tell her that it makes you uncomfortable and you'd like some space.Health Question & Answer

maybe youdont like people seeing you naked...
because it's YOUR body and only you should see it!
your obviously not a little girl anymore....taking showers with your mom would be really uncomfortable for you. not to mention wierd and inappropriate...

you're totally normal.

if your mom still has you take baths with her watching..that's definetley not normal!Health Question & Answer

Well it is normal because you are starting to produce new things like pubic hair and boobs and you are becoming a woman now so you like and need you privacy.
All girls go through that stage were they are nervous about showing thier body.
Nothin to worry about


Hope I've Helped With Your Question

xHealth Question & Answer

your going through the stage of feeling more aware of yourself. your at that age where you care more about who sees what. it will stay like that for a while, but it wont be as much of a worry to you as you get older. you will have that feeling for a few more years though.Health Question & Answer

Yep, very.

I was the same way, I had no problem changing in front of my friends and taking showers with girl cousins, or my mom or something, but once i started "changing" it's just, like...your body becomes more...yours...and you don't want people to see.Health Question & Answer

yes, it is normal. it is just a phase. you are not yet comfortable with your physical growth; it wont be long before you get over it. every girl goes through this. have you tried talking to your mom.? you'll be surprise, she might help...Health Question & Answer

well yes your growing up, if you didn't feel strange about it you would be walking around naked till your 18 and thats not right, so yes thats totally normal..Health Question & Answer

Yea its fine your just growing up and just kinda want things to be private.Health Question & Answer

shave your pubes. that's one less thing to be self-concious about. I'd be self-concious too if I didn't shave mine.Health Question & Answer

Absolutely normal, I'm not much older than you and I am the same way.Health Question & Answer


Yeah same, it's because we're growing up we become more aware of ourselfs.Health Question & Answer

just shave i guessHealth Question & Answer

r u male or femaleHealth Question & Answer

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