A girl question.......?!

Question: A girl question........?
ok is it okay to take midol when you are on your period.? Because i just started yesterday and this morning I have unbearable cramps. Is it safe to take it or is midol strictly for before period symptoms.?Health Question & Answer

Midol is simply an analgesic. You take it whenever you are in pain. This can be during your period or at any other time. Although it's indicated for menstrual problems, it can be taken for other times you are in pain. It contains paracetamol, caffeine and some varieties contain ibuprofen or Naproxen. It isn't just for period pain. It's useful for all cramp and achy pains.Health Question & Answer

Registered NurseHealth Question & Answer

yes, it is safe

so is any pain killer - ibuprofen, acetomenophen (Advil, Tylenol)

a heating pad/water bottle may help too

going for a walk and even light exercise can help

also - don't laugh - having an orgasm through masturbation often helps too by relaxing yoru uterusHealth Question & Answer

i am a 50 y.o woman, had periods since I was 11Health Question & Answer

Yes, Midol is safe any time, but it is formulated to be effective for menstruation-related pain and symptoms. (Not just PMS).
If your only complaint is pain.....any pain reliever will work, but ibuprofen (such as Motrin or Advil) is known to reduce pain as well as decrease the amount of bleeding.Health Question & Answer

<---works in Ob/GynHealth Question & Answer

Midol didn't work for me, I had to take extra strength Ibuprofen or Tylenol.

The trick is, when you know you are going to start, try taking pain reliever a day or so before. That way you don't give your body a chance to start hurting. also, I try to take my pain medication every 2-3 hours so that I don't start hurting and have to wait until the meds kick in.Health Question & Answer

Been there...done that.Health Question & Answer

well I know this enough. Take two midol it you're 12+
The pill helps a lot!!!! For like eight hours for me. Oh and yea, no water weight. The pill is during not before. It works better for the cramps you have then and there. Hope it helps. :)Health Question & Answer

Personal use.Health Question & Answer

yes, it it fine to take it during your period, they have a few kinds:
-midol teen
-midol PMS
-midol extra streanth.
i have the whole collection:PHealth Question & Answer

I don't know, taking something designed to ease period cramps (on your PERIOD no less) just seems really, really crazy to me.

I would definitely avoid it.Health Question & Answer

You can take it during your period.You will be fine!Health Question & Answer

Muah!Health Question & Answer

midol is supposed to be for while you have your period, not before or afterHealth Question & Answer

It's safe to take it now, it's gonna relief the crampsHealth Question & Answer

It's okay to take it. Take some advil that will help lots. Motrin is also great.Health Question & Answer

Yes, it's safe to take Midol during your period. Lord knows where I would be without it.Health Question & Answer

Midol is for when you're on your period. You will be fine.Health Question & Answer

Its made for cramps....pre, during and post.Health Question & Answer

your fine and yes thats when you are suppose to take itHealth Question & Answer

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