Sexx meh?!

Question: Sexx meh.?
when u were in 8th grade did u ever think that u wanted to have sex or were u scared. like im a freshman in hs and im like scared to have sex, i think its gonna hurt alot. but the thing is, will i ever grow out of this whole "dont wanna have sex" phase.? did anyone else go through this. HELP!Health Question & Answer

Well, my friend the first thing you need to find out is that what is troubling you to have sex. Whether it is something emotional or physical.

What is the cause of this phobia.?.....may be once you are able to find out this you will be able to answer your queries or probably can get help others to answer your queries better.Health Question & Answer

Actually I didn't have sex until I was 21. I waited until I was fully ready and wanted it to be with the right person. The fact that you are questioning is it your time, let's me know that you are not ready. If you are a freshman in high school, then you are roughly 14 or 15.? That is in my opinion too young to deal with the consequences of sex. Most think you only have to worry about pregnancy and STD/STI's, but no. Having sex does effect your emotional state as well. Will you be able to deal with the person leaving you wants they've had sex with you.? Would you be able to deal with if they told everyone around school.? In due time, you will be ready and hopefully with the right person. There is a lot of peer pressure in school, I've been there. Believe me it is better to wait instead of rushing into it because once your virginity is gone, you'll never get it back.Health Question & Answer

Been there...done that.Health Question & Answer

Ever heard of "not being ready," i think the idea of having sex was intimidating and scary for all of us, at a young age.
Yes you will grow out of it, your still very young. You shouldn't be in any rush to start sleeping around, you should wait until you meet the right person and KNOW that you are ready to have sex.Health Question & Answer

ok. Having sex before marriage is bad. So not wanting to have it is a good thing right now. There is temptation around us and you will grow out of this stage but....... you will then have temptation. Im a guy and ya we pretty much wanna have sex. you wanna look out. that's all some guys want sometimes. you will grow out of this stage but be careful. do not have sex before marriage.Health Question & Answer

good for you

your fear is just your intuition/gut feeling telling you that you are not ready and that you need to wait, even if your hormones are telling you - go-go-go

when you are in love, when you find the right partner, and when you learn more about your body - you will feel differently

to each at their own time

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I did want to have it in 7th, now Im in 8th and I sort of don't care that much and even if i do I am scared not because of the pain but because you can easily get pregnant. So Im trying my best not to for the meantime.Health Question & Answer

I'm in 8th grade and at the moment I'm the same exact way scared and it's fine to think that whhen the time comes you'll meet the right person and you'll be ready but your too young now.Health Question & Answer

umm dont do it! you will regret it! wait until you are older, and most importantly ready. please answer my question too .?qid=20090404182904AA5WEOp">;...Health Question & Answer

If you are a girl, it will hurt a little, but I've heard that the pain is worth it. If sex hurt too much for girls, then nobody would do it.Health Question & Answer

im in eighth grade now ; i am afraid to have sex ; i have these guy friends and they have it all the time ; they tease about being afraid of it but i just blow them offHealth Question & Answer

You're too young to deal with the consequences of sex. Don't worry about "growing out of it". Focus on school. You won't be sorry for waiting to have sex.Health Question & Answer

what you need to do is stay calm and think be for you do if you do that things should be fineHealth Question & Answer

You need to worry about school

sex = babies if not done right.

You don't want to have any regrets in life.

Sex would be a regret trust me.Health Question & Answer

Your too young you should wait if you still feel like that by the time your like 20 than maybe your just A sexual its possible that a small percentage of people don't have the urge to get downHealth Question & Answer

dont worry about sex atm, dont be scared of it embrace it. And its only normal for a boy in 8th grade to be a bit scepticalHealth Question & Answer

Your to young to even be thinking about sex.... how about you ask this question when you turn 18...
until then... don't think about itHealth Question & Answer

If you are worried about sex hurting your not ready to have it.Health Question & Answer

i do it so often it is nothing to be scared of it is lots and lots of funHealth Question & Answer

fagget no you nerd your gonna be a virgin fo-evaHealth Question & Answer

*******Health Question & Answer

if your scared dont do it!! and wait till your ready!Health Question & Answer

sex itHealth Question & Answer

idkHealth Question & Answer

About sex can be read in .?q=sex" rel="nofollow"> Question & Answer

you'll grow outa it. i diddddd. ;]]]Health Question & Answer

this is a stupid questionHealth Question & Answer

First, learn how 2 spell, moran!
Second, you'll never grow out of that phase.
Peace.Health Question & Answer

JOKE QUESTION ALERTHealth Question & Answer

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