Can girls answer me this question?!

Question: Can girls answer me this question.?
how many weeks until a girl goes on her period.? and also i sorta fingerd my friend last night and like i did with my right hand then she made me ***.. i got rid of the rest of it with my right hand finger then i fingerd her with my left hand im still sorta worryed should i be.?! thanksHealth Question & Answer

are you gay.? or are you a guy.? why do you finger people.? fingering doesnt even feel good. its horrible.Health Question & Answer

girls don't all go on their period at the same time.? i dont know what your talking about learn to write before you start a sexual relationshipHealth Question & Answer

O_OHealth Question & Answer

it ranges from about 3-around 8 daysHealth Question & Answer

um i dont know.? let her no what happend tho! tell her to take a test to be sure!Health Question & Answer

What.?Health Question & Answer

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