Are your bras incredibly uncomfortable like mine?!

Question: Are your bras incredibly uncomfortable like mine.?
i don't know if i have weird shaped boobs or what.
the underwire makes me want to scream (no exageration!)

how do i make them more comfortable.?Health Question & Answer

QUOTE: "your probably wearing the wrong size. you can go to like victorias secrets and they will measure you and wat not and give you your bra size....."

She is very correct in that....I went to victoria secrets and went from the B that I was wearing to a D!!Health Question & Answer

bras are supposed to be comfortable. if your wire is bothering you your bra is probably broken, or, you are wearing the wrong size. go get measured by a professional and then buy 3 or 4 (if not more) bras in that size.Health Question & Answer

maybe youre wearing the wrong size..

there are wireless bras...

or you can always wear camisoles..

mine are comfortable..i dont notice them..but when i take them off at the end of the day..its nice..
haha..go buy a new bra lady.Health Question & Answer

I hate bras. I don't wear them. Finding bras big enough and cheap enough is impossible. Underwire must have been invented by a man. I am sad for you and your problem. The best thing is to not wear a bra.Health Question & Answer

ok haha i have the same deal haha. Well you can buy some without underwire (not sports bras) they are still keep em down but not as much . Or go to victorias secret and buy a bra (expensive but worth it)Health Question & Answer

your probably wearing the wrong size. you can go to like victorias secrets and they will measure you and wat not and give you your bra size.....Health Question & Answer

...only if the metal has bent out of shape because it was pressed against the radiator when drying. Go and get measured again, maybe your body has changed.Health Question & Answer

Try the ones with no underwire. Go to a store where they do fittings and make sure you're in the right size.Health Question & Answer

by a bigger bra, its too small.
could be that its too tight. go and get fitted:)
or try a bra without underwiring it shouldnt hurt:DHealth Question & Answer

no coz mine is the right sizeHealth Question & Answer


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