My breast hurt. They've never hurt before. What can it be?!

Question: My breast hurt. They've never hurt before. What can it be.?
I've been on birth control for a year now and I never had any problems other than dizziness and drowsiness. The last month my left breast had been getting sharp pain behind the nipple and I paid no mind, but today I woke up and my right one hurts. I am on my period right now, can it be that.? or what.?Health Question & Answer

Periods or pregnancies are the two most common things that cause breast pain. Since you are currently on your period I'd say that's what it is. If after a few days this pain is still there, you should talk to your doctor. Do you feel any changes in your breasts such as lumps.?Health Question & Answer

It depends on how old you are. If you're in your early teens, it could just be growth--breasts occasionally get sore in the growth spurts that occur during and just after puberty.

If you're an adult and this has never happened before, you should see a gynecologist, just to make sure nothing's wrong (regular check-ups are a good idea anyway, whether something feels wrong or not).Health Question & Answer

Well, despite what anyone on here says, the only person that can judge this , will be your gp , i would go for a check up, don't worry it's most probably nothing, but its obviously causing you pain and discomfort, its worth the visit , best of luckHealth Question & Answer

Yes periods can cause sore and tender breasts... pregnancy can too but since you're on your period I doubt you're pregnant. You really only need to worry if you find a lump, or hard spot in your breast. Then I would suggest going to a doctor to have it checked out.Health Question & Answer

Period time makes the breasts tender, so that could very well be it. I wouldn't worry too much, they might also be growing too. If it continues for more than a week I would go ask your doctor.Health Question & Answer

My advice would be to see a doctor. if your younger tell your mom.
Hope i can help < if u need anything !Health Question & Answer

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most of the time when it is tender behind the nipples your breast are growing larger which will make your nipples soreHealth Question & Answer

sore breasts are a sign of pregnany see your doctor for a test as well as a mamogram.Health Question & Answer

Periods make breasts sore. But, if it keeps it up after your period, I would go to a doctor.Health Question & Answer

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