Been getting my period earlier each month?!

Question: Been getting my period earlier each month.?
I got my period on Jan. 17 then Feb.14 then March 11 then April 5. I don't know why I've been getting it earlier. I have no other problems like cramping or spotting. My periods are actually shorter ( which I don't mind) . I'm a teenager and have been getting periods since 5 years ago. I'm usually consistent with them. I just wanted to know if this should be a concern.Health Question & Answer

Normal menstural cycles run 25-35 days with the average falling at 28 days. You are well within this cycle.Health Question & Answer Question & Answer

If its your first year starting or even second year its normal. Its going to be weird until like 2 years after you started. If its for that it could be because you might be eating wrong. Like if you eat spicy stuff it will end your period faster and it will start earlier. Trust me I know its happened to me the first year I got mine.Health Question & Answer

It happened to meHealth Question & Answer

Count the days. You are on a regular monthly cycle.Health Question & Answer

noHealth Question & Answer

the first couple years after your period has started it always Varies. so it is nothing to worry aboutHealth Question & Answer

periods are around every 28 days not the length of a complete month all months are a different length of daysHealth Question & Answer

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