Is it true that women shouldn't wash their vagina?!

Question: Is it true that women shouldn't wash their vagina.?
So I keep hearing that women shouldn't clean their vagina,that's why I can't get rid of bacteria infections.I think that we would want to clean it to make it smell good,plus there is dirt down there.I don't know about putting yogurt down there because my doctor never told me to do that!Does anyone have any good advice on this subject.?.?.?And please do not give me a website to go to!!!ThanksHealth Question & Answer

well i think it might be helpful to clean it every single day yeah!i wish i would know the person who told you that!!!Health Question & Answer

no defiantly wash your vagina. Every time you go in the shower. It douching that your not supposed to do all the time it washes away the good bacteria. And if you have an existing bacteria infection go to the doctor and they can give you an antibiotic.

Good LuckHealth Question & Answer

Lol, yea u really should be cleaning it everyday.Health Question & Answer

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