Is it okay to have daily discharge?!

Question: Is it okay to have daily discharge.?
so ya is it okay to have daily discharge becasue my friends said it was bad but i didn't think so
i have had discharge for almost 2 years and is it okay to have clear, white, and a very light yellow
i am 14 and have not started my period
i dont want there to be anything wrong with me and i am a little scared that they said that
so can you please help me and please serious answer
thanks so much:)Health Question & Answer

Yeah, that's a good thing. It means your vagina is cleaning it's self, I'd kind of worry if it stopped. Tell your friends that and maybe they'll shut up.Health Question & Answer

Discharge is the way that your vagina cleans itself. Discharge is very normal, don't believe your friends.

Hope I helped.Health Question & Answer

its normal, also a sign you'll start your period fairly soon
good luck :]Health Question & Answer

You're ok. This is suppose to happen but if you are worried then you should see your doctor.Health Question & Answer

It happens to me almost everyday as I guess it is normal then, lol.Health Question & Answer

it is completely normal your friends are stupid you could start you period soonHealth Question & Answer

Yup=)Health Question & Answer

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