Is This A Normal Size? Please Tell Truthfully!?!

Question: Is This A Normal Size.? Please Tell Truthfully!.?
I'm 13 and in the 7th grade, I'm a 32-34 A, bra size, is that normal.?Health Question & Answer

yah every one is dif.!

Dont wory abaut it!
injoy your life! :]Health Question & Answer

your BFF!Health Question & Answer

With breast sizes, there is no right or wrong. It's fine if you are larger than your friends, so don't be worried. I knew an eleven year old at this size (now thirteen, and a bit bigger). Don't be worried about this.

Like Ortho said, girls develop at their own pace and you are just beginning.Health Question & Answer

thats very normal. you'll probably grow. at 13 i wore a 32 A and now i wear a 34 C or D. i'm fifteen. there's still time. a lot can happen a short amount of time. i wouldn't worry, for your age you are a perfect sizeHealth Question & Answer

my lifeHealth Question & Answer

Its quite normal your still growing just know that people come and different shapes in sizes and that their really isn't nothing that isn't normal.Health Question & Answer

ExperienceHealth Question & Answer

Im 13 too, im a 32-34 A bra size(English bra size),
Half of my friends are flat chested, half are big busted.
Yeah thats normal :)Health Question & Answer

yea...i had c cups when i was thirteen and thought it was the worst!!
But an 32 a at 13 is complety normal!
they'll me!Health Question & Answer

I am 12 and in 7th grade and I am the same size as you so I guess/hope we are normal size.?!Health Question & Answer

You may grow you may not. Breast are normal whatever the size. its even normal to be slighty bigger on one side.Health Question & Answer

Yes!! perfectly normal, you are justtt beginning! Enjoy!Health Question & Answer

Girls develop at their own pace. Don't worry, you get what you get when you get itHealth Question & Answer

yes cuz some of my friends have them smaller than that and i'm in 8 th gradeHealth Question & Answer

I'm 23 and I'm a 34 A so yes....that's normal for a 13 yr old.Health Question & Answer

yes everyone develops differently. =)Health Question & Answer

yeah that is totally normal im a size 38a and im 12 years oldHealth Question & Answer

yea its normal, i've been a 34A for years now.Health Question & Answer

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