How come I didn't bleed my first time?!

Question: How come I didn't bleed my first time.?
I lost my virginity back in January.
I didn't bleed. It suprisingly didn't hurt that bad.
It was just a little pain&discomfort for about 2 minutes.
Why didn't I bleed.?Health Question & Answer

Yes that has everything to do with it. Athletic people who are always moving and excersiceing tend to loosen up the himan. all though i may be totally wrong iam a man but i remember hearing this in health class lol.Health Question & Answer

tampons stretch you out too, so that could be something do it.
also some people are just naturally bigger, so it doesnt hurt as much.Health Question & Answer

could be his penis wasnt big enough, so your probably still a virgin.Health Question & Answer

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