I want to step my BC up to the next level. Should I see a Doc?!

Question: I want to step my BC up to the next level. Should I see a Doc.?
I want to step my BC up. I am currently using condoms, but I want to try an IUD. Should I see a Doc.? also, do I have to wait 3-4 hours before it'll work.?Health Question & Answer

I'm a doctor who specializes in BC. Instead of an IUD, I recommend a DUI. Waiting 4 hours is a minimum, which is why I always suggest being prepared in advance. There are always times when BC expires.
You can read about this in the medical reference Code 1 of ILFCOH.Health Question & Answer

Er... do you know what an IUD is.? You HAVE to see a doctor because it needs to be medically inserted inside of you. They have to open up your cervix and insert it into your womb. It's not a simple process..


also, depending on your age, marital status, and whether or not you've had a child you might not be able to get one. They are incredibly hard to get for women who have not had a child in the United States. I'm not sure about other countries, but my roommate got one last summer at 21 with no kids and it was pretty much only because her doctor was supportive that she got one. Every other doctor/medical professional she knows is surprised that she was able to get her insurance to approve.Health Question & Answer

If you want an IUD you will definately need to see a doc because only they can prescribe and insert it. i do not know how long you have to wait for it to work for what its intended, but when you go to the doctor they should tell you how long each bc method takes to fully take effect.Health Question & Answer

You definitely should see a doctor. also, I know that IUDs are only recommended for older women, I don't know your age but you might want to consider something that isn't so ... internal. Good luck!Health Question & Answer

I am not sure about the time it takes to work, I would assume immediately. But yes, see your ob/gyn. He/she will help you decide which birth control is the best for you.Health Question & Answer

You need to see a doctor to get an iud. You need a doctor to insert it.Health Question & Answer

Stop stop! You're going to fast. You've skipped the female condom level.Health Question & Answer

Yes you should. It will take at least four hours though. Meanwhile, I'm gonna take a nap.Health Question & Answer

Absolutely..kick it up a notch. BC is important and needs to be "upped" when needed. Enjoy!Health Question & Answer

try dushing with 7-up.Health Question & Answer

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