Are women suppose to shave their arms? Please help.?!

Question: Are women suppose to shave their arms.? Please help..?
It's optional.
I have really pale skin and really dark, thick hair, so I shave my arms. As long as you remember to do it regularly, it's not a problem. :)
But if your hair doesn't bother you, then don't worry about it! Most girls have light, thin arm hair anyway.Health Question & Answer

People don't expect women to shave their arms (the same way as legs) if that's what you're asking. However if you have dark hair on your arms you might find that waxing really helps.

I have been waxing mine for about 12 months and the hair is hardly growing back now. But I definitely wouldn't shave them. Shaving leads to more, darker hair while over time if you keep waxing the hair will generally get lighter and finer. Health Question & Answer

I don't. never have, never will. As long as you don't start shaving them you never will have to. It totally fine having some hair, by all means shave elsewhere but your arms are fine. Besides, people who shave their arms start to look like gorillas before long...:)Health Question & Answer

i dont, i feel that ppl who do, end up doing it for the rest of their lives (because the hair just grows faster, and thicker), so why bother.?
its hardy noticeable anywaysHealth Question & Answer

completely optional. i know many women who do, and many who do not.Health Question & Answer

You can if you feel self conscious about them. Just remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.Health Question & Answer


You don't want stubbly arms. If you're very self conscious about the amount of hair on your arms you could try waxing or bleaching.Health Question & Answer

i think thats weird. we are meant to have hair there. having hair on your arms when u r a woman doesnt make u manly.
but if u have thick really dark noticable hair...wax or get laser treatment.Health Question & Answer

Yes it is very hygienic, it shows how much you care about your self and how discipline you are!!!Health Question & Answer

No i for sure dont, i think we shave enough as it is without worryng about arms too lol :) but no....if u have dark arm hair you could bleach it. Health Question & Answer

It's not just women who do this. I know many men - including my boyfriend. Personal choice.Health Question & Answer

Im not a girl but shave your arms only if they are really hairy Health Question & Answer

No only the pits and legs.Health Question & Answer

no that is really tacky and gross. but if its really noticable get it waxedHealth Question & Answer

of course , u must , it is very disgusting , MUZ SHAVE IT.Health Question & Answer

optional but i do!!!!!!Health Question & Answer

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