What could have caused this problem with my bladder?!

Question: What could have caused this problem with my bladder.?
So the nurse practitioner that I went to see prescribed me Doxyciln and Metronidazole (sp.?) 2 times a day for 2 weeks. I had a Pelvic Inflamatory Disease. I started having an allergic reaction to those antibiotics-my skin on my legs became extremely sensitive, she said it was fine at first, a few days later that uncomfortable feeling became much worse and spread into the rest of my legs. Yesterday, I noticed I had a hard time going to the bathroom-it didn't hurt, I just had to really really focus and push for me to be able to go pee. Today it was even worse, so I went back to the nurse practitioner and she stopped the antibiotics and gave me a shot of Roseferin (sp.?). The sensitive skin pains went away by the end of the day, my bone in my leg still really hurts-but it is on the side where the shot went, so I'm going to write that one of to that. I am really wondering what can be causing the problem of going to pee, she tested me for a UTI and it came out negative (she still gave me antibiotics).. I am not going to take them to see if it was the combination of both Doxycilin and Metrnodozale, and let them wear out of my system before I start anything else specially if the test was negative. However, she said that is not a known side effect, I also asked the pharmacist and she said that it is not a known side effect.. I'm really worried that it was damage to my kidneys (thye don't hurt.. so it is not a kidney infection).
If there is a nurse or a doctor on here.. please help me out..
PS I know when I need to go use the restroom, but it is much more rare than before and it just takes forever!!! It seems that I can't relax those muscles.
Please help!!! Health Question & Answer

I am not a big fan of going to the docs, and I only go if I REALLY have to, which is NEVER almost. I am actually sick a lot and get UTI about once every 2 months, I always have bladder and belly problems. My advise to you is to drink lots of water all day long and eat bland boring food for a week and see if that helps. also may want to drink cranberry juice thats good for ur system. You didnt say how old you were so maybe if your older this is just something that happens to older women.? Im 21 so Im still young. but if you were having those side affects then I would stop taking the pills.Health Question & Answer

i think you answered your own question
"cant relax those muscles"
are you old enough to drink wine legally.?
i would suggest two large glasses of water
then sip two glasses of wine
and see if that helps
some times the answer is the simplest
you are freakin your self out
you need to relax
hence the wine
good luckHealth Question & Answer

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