I took plan B periods now late like a week?!

Question: I took plan B periods now late like a week.?
Now my periods late and i don't think I've had any signs of being pregant just puked once now today i felt sick again but the last time i puked was like 2 days ago so i don't think that has anything to do with it but i don't know i'm just freaking out but i did research but i got nothing please imput neededHealth Question & Answer

because you are freaking out, your are magnifying symptoms you are feeling. your mind has taken over. you may just be sick from the cold weather. get a pregnancy test and take it in the morning when you first wake up and go to the bathroom, wait for results. believe in the test and eliminate all else once you see the results. dont panick. take a chill pill and relax.Health Question & Answer

plan b only works if you use it within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse..sooner the better. sometimes it doesn't work or has unpleasant side effects like nausea. also you could miss your period because of the plan B. if you start having to pee alot and throwing up more than usual than go to your doctor for a pregnancy test.

next time use a condom =)Health Question & Answer

well it all depends if you took the pill in the amount of time that it said you had to which is like 24 hours or something of the sex.

Even then theres still a chance you could have gotten pregnant, its not completely 100% effective. Hence why they put the 99.9%Health Question & Answer

plan B's only about 68% accurate so yes theres a chance you could beHealth Question & Answer

Because of the puking I think you need to do a pregnancy test.Health Question & Answer

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