Girls! help! Girls only please!?!

Question: Girls! help! Girls only please!.?
I am 13 years old... and I got my first period on October 6. It lasted for 5 days. I haven't gotten another period yet. Is that ok.? Please help! Health Question & Answer

Yes, you're totally fine! For about the first year, actually, your period is going to be so off and weird. You just have to count on your body to tell you when.
When I first started, I skipped two months without one period and I was so scared. There's nothing wrong with you, trust me.=]Health Question & Answer

Yes, this is okay. You are just starting your menstruation cycle and it's not going to be a perfect 28-30 day cycle right away. A friend of mine got her 2nd period 4 months after her first. It's very irregular at first, so you should nothing really to worry about yet.Health Question & Answer

Yes! It's totally normal. Even though I've had it for YEARS now I still skip months here and there every once in awhile. It takes a long time to get regular. When I first started I had maybe 4 periods the whole first year. Don't worry :) Everything is fine...
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yeahh thats fine!
im 14, 15 in january and ive only jus started having periods.
its perfectly normal.Health Question & Answer

yeah your cycle has only begun it will be a while until it gets into a proper routine it can take a few years or so dont worry about it this is normal happens to everyone Health Question & Answer

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