I need someone to understand me (HELP) !!!?!

Question: I need someone to understand me (HELP) !!!.?
i am 16 year old girl i have many problems like i am bipolar and i think i might have other things like add or depression (i am not taking any meds either :/..)sooo all around i feel crazy.. my mom is a ***** she tells me that i am worthless and sometimes if she is really mad she tells me she hates me...she has sent me to juvy and in a temporary group home when i was 14 because she feels like she cant handle me i just want someone to understand me i feel so alone..my friends don't understand i get really really mad at them and everyone when they don't get me! i turn to drugs(kinda) and alcohol alot... i tried to quit drinking its working so far but i turned to energy drinks i love the caffeine rush makes me feel like i am buzzed i feel like i have to be on something to be happy.. me and my mom have a really bad relationship like i don't hug her kiss her or anything i barely talk to her only if i need something <--- sometimes she gives me things and i also have a step-dad who is a dick...him and my mom think i am a whore recently i have been hanging out with guys i like it better than girls they have way too many problems and drama lol its like stfu.. but the funny thing is that i am not i am still a virgin..my step-dad thinks i am going to get pregnant..they both think i am stupid its like HELLO i know my limits. i dont know how to control myself...WHEN MY MOM TELLS ME NO I GO ******* CRaZY i just leave my house anyways and i seriously dont feel like i am 16 to me thats sounds really young and people always tell me that i look 18 or something its weird.. i feel like everything is hopelessHealth Question & Answer

1st of all,girl,i totally love you.you sound like you can control and handle thngs well.u jus need some guidance.try a help line.you need a diary or a hobby that will help you express your anger safely.your mum thinks so of you probably coz of her own messes.instead of hating her,pity her,it helps to block out the nasty words,learn2love n appreciate urself so that they mean nothing.u prefer boys coz they give you attention,jus dont depend on thatHealth Question & Answer

go to a doc type of person and talk to them and try to talk to your momHealth Question & Answer

Well Im 16 and i have adhd and anger issues. And i take zoloft, stratera, ritalin, and conserta, and OMG it helps a whole lot!!! If i miss a night without taking my medicine then i go physico the next day like im so hyper i cant handle myself and i feel like hurting someone. So its really surprizing how much medicine works, maybe talk to your grandma or grandpa or someone else close to you besides your mom so they can take you to someone that will help you find the right medicine for you.
Hope i could help. If you need to ask me anything else then ask me:)Health Question & Answer

Hmmm... I suggest you consider talking to your mom like an adult and tell her you want her verbal abuse to stop. If she wont act like an adult, tehn its time for you to! Its kinda difficult for some one at your age to act more like the adult in this house, but you can do it! I suggest you get out of the house more often, go for walks in the park or the library and contemplate ways on improving your situation. Once youve got them all figure out, do it! For one, make quit alcohol for good on the list. Little by little, drink a little less until you get to the point where you are barely drinking it.

also, work on your school education! Try your hardest to get As and have some career options in mind. IHopefully, youll do well enough and you get into colege. This way, you are going into another whole route, not the one your mother took and not the one people who fail at life take.

Good luck girl, and remember to please try! Health Question & Answer

I've struggled with depression and other mental health issues since I was like 12. I fought the idea of meds and therapy until I was 18. Meds doen't fix everything, but they should help even things out for you. I refer to my therapist as the glue that keeps me together.
And I understand the mom thing. My mom has said some purely evil things to me. A good therapist will help you learn to deal with what your mom says and does.
Good luck!Health Question & Answer

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