Please answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DID I ALMOST FAINT?!

Question: Please answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DID I ALMOST FAINT.?
Did i almost faint.? why.?
ok i know this is a weird question... but i wanna know because i was all the sudden dizzy, and my vision was really blurry, with little spots of darkness building, and i could feel my eyes changing, and i grabbed a mirror and my pupils were getting REALLY small... i sat down and i felt better. this has happened 3 times today, and i am 13 years old. why is this happening.? i am at a really good weight, i ate a good breakfast and lunch, and i am active. i am already a B cup, and started my period a year and a half ago, so i don't think it's puberty... what could have happen.?

oh and happy thanksgiving!!!Health Question & Answer

There are a few reasons...
* your blood pressure may be low, normal thing, happens to me.
*to fix that, eat some salty chips, the sodium with increase your blood pressure
* You might of just stood up to quickly or bent over to quickly and stood back up ( maybe, i don't know what you did today) that causes it to.
* Still, even tho this might be unrisky problems, ask/tell your mom just to be on the safe side.Health Question & Answer

There are MANY reasons for fainting. heres a list :)

I wouldn't be too worried, with you being so young and sounds like in decent shape your probably fine. Could have been anything from stress to just standing up to fast. If your still worried, just take a quick trip to the doc. hope this helped!

ps. and yes, what you described does sound very similar to a fainting spell.Health Question & Answer

well maybe something could be wrong with you
why dont you ask your mother maybe she knows about that kinda of stuff
hope this helps
good luck:)Health Question & Answer

id say oh yesHealth Question & Answer

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