Shaving down there help? ?!

Question: Shaving down there help.? .?
i'm only 13 so yeah..
ive always shaved down there but i'm scared to go all the way..
what happens if i screw up and cut myself in the wrong area.?
& i need tips so anythings welcome =]Health Question & Answer

Shaving is a personal decision, but you should carefully ask yourself why you want to do this.

There are no medical or psychological advantages to shaving, and pubic hairs do have some medical advantages. So think carefully why you think you should shave down there.

That said, the best way to do it, is to start with the easy parts. After that, you can best take a mirror, squat over it, and very carefully watch what you're doing.

In case you happen to cut yourself, it may bleed very hard. This is especially true when you cut yourself in the labia minora. But don't worry, such a tiny cut will heal very rapidly, if you take good care of it. Get it disinfected, and don't have sex until it has healed.

In short, don't shave if you don't have to. But if you think you have to, use a mirror and only a tiny bit of shaving gel or cream, just enough to cover the hairs, but not too much so you don't see what you're doing.

Good luck and be careful!Health Question & Answer

Don't use a razor.

Go out and get Magic Shaving Powder (found in CVS and Rite Aid stores). Mix with water, slap it on, wait seven minutes, scrub it off with a washcloth. BOOM, the lawn has been mowed, and you don't have to worry about the pain of waxing, or razor burn, or itching while it grows back.Health Question & Answer

okayy im seventeen but i was scared of the same thingg. but just go really slow and i like to use soap instead of shaving cream it seems to make it smoother. just be really careful and maybe try and hold your skin while you shave with the other hand.... and make sure you have enoug light.good luck! Health Question & Answer


Why would you shave "down there".?
Getting it waxed by a professional is much more healthier.
You'll obviously get cuts, so just don't.
Why do you need it shaved at only the age of 13.?
It's not like you'll be having sex anytime soon.
:)Health Question & Answer

Use Baby Oil instead of shaving cream and always use a new razor. Just be very careful. And if you happen to cut yourself, just make sure you keep it clean and dry and genitals tend to heal quickly.Health Question & Answer

You won't, it's hard to cut yourself. I have once but it was tiny and didn't bleed, like, at all. Just make sure you don't glide your razor vertical, just make sure you do it up and down.Health Question & Answer

its easy after you save it the first time just be warned when it grows back it itchsHealth Question & Answer

just try it once and see how you like itHealth Question & Answer

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