I am addicted to Porn. I need Help?!

Question: I am addicted to Porn. I need Help.?
I am addicted to porn. I wack off at least 5 times a day. i cant stop i have been doing this since i have been 10 years old and I'm 23 years old now.... i tried to ask my mom but she just laughed at me and took my computer away but i still found a way to get to more porn. what should i do.?Health Question & Answer

Sorry you are dealing with this. Try looking for help. I know my church has a stephens ministry that offers help for addicts of anything. If that's not available try seeking out counseling. Porn can ruin relationships. I know how addicting it can get. Someone I loved used to look at it all the time and now they rarely see it. Feel free to email me. I'm serious and I can offer better help than on here and you won't hear me bashing you. I know you're not perfect. It will take some time.

Edited to say: I have known other addicts and they got the right help mostly by finding Jesus. I used to be addicted to something that I will not say on here and got away from it with the help of resisting the urge. I know it's tough but it can be done. You can try to look at other sites or block those sites off. Try to save your money for counseling then buying magazines. I know no one's perfect but you are asking for help. I hope that you will be o.k. and will live a prosperous life. Your wife will be proud that you gave up porn if it's in your willpower. There's other things out there that can offer hope. Good luck.Health Question & Answer

heres a tip that worked for me, its a little simple, but hard and tempting if you use the computer daily.

just tell yourself that you cant do it. hide your computer, cut your parts off, whatever floats your boat. and if you feel the need to rub it, do it, just make sure that you do it a little less each day.

it may sound like a dumpus idea, but willpower will keep you from doing it, and you will end up getting into other things that fill the time you wasted doing that stuff.Health Question & Answer

How to avoid porn addiction on the Internet

1. Consider installing porn content filtering software( Strongly Recommend NetDog ,you can get it from www.netdogsoft.com ) on your computer. it will help to protect you from stumbling into pornography by accident, That's important.

2. Do not try to guess what the address of a Web page is. Many pornographic sites have similar addresses of respectable sites. For example www . whitehouse . com is a porn site. The real address is www. whitehouse . gov

3. Never click on Web site addresses that you receive in an unsolicited email.

4. Do not open attachments that come in email that are unsolicited.

5. Use filtered search engines or reputable directories to find the information you need.

6. Do not search for terms like girls. Think before you enter a search term.

Stick with reputable sites.
If something looks questionable, don't let curiosity get the best of you. Delete it or close the window.

Internet Porn Filter Software Resource : http://www.netdogsoft.comHealth Question & Answer

Um, you may not like this, but if your doing that, then your not a christian. Going to church doesn't make you a christian. Believing Jesus died doesn't make you a christian. Satan knows Jesus died, and he isn't a christian! A "CHRISTIAN" is someone who has been born again(has asked Jesus for forgiveness from his/her sins), and lives a sin-free, holy life! Jesus did not die, so that we could "live in sin". A christian doesn't sin. Once we ask Jesus for forgiveness and begin living a "holy life", we should pray, read the bible, go to church, and fast often. If a christian would sin, that person would become a sinner again, and have to repent all over(which is like crucifying Christ all over again)! Fasting at least one day per wek will help chasten your soul, and you will gain spiritual strength to resist temptation. also, it wouldn't even have to be a "water only" fast, it could be a liquid fast where you give up everything except say orange juice. But I tell you from personal experience, the fasting will "help you a lot" if you'll just do it, and dont forget 2 pray and read the bible daily, and go to church to.
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lol, dont tell your mom that. she doesn't need to know. if you really need to stop, you gotta stop it yourself. YOU need to tell yourself NO. don't give in. it's the only way. cmon be strong. do u reallyyy need porn.? STOP THINKING ABOUT IT. and try to keep yourself busy with other stuff. like maybe work.? or something

just stop thinking about itHealth Question & Answer

Sense you where 10.?!.?!
i feel for you.

when i was a child my brother would come home from work, and he would sit me on his lap, and make me watch porn. and ever sence then, i have never again.

try and look at some porn that you dont like.
or you think is Absolutely nasty.

if you dont think any is..
then try and look at the teenage one.
i think it will stop you for a second and say.
"wow, am i reeally watching a 18 year old masturbate. "
well, unless your a pervert that likes that sort of thing..Health Question & Answer

the 1st thing a 23 yr old can do is get a job & move out of your moms house. If you can do that, you might actually be too busy to stare at porn & beat off all day.
also, if you'd grow up a little, you might actually find a girlfriend to help you.Health Question & Answer

Sounds like you need to get out of the house and get a hobby.

Mom took your computer away at 23.? Probably half the problem, you're still a mommas boy, like I said, get a job, get out of the house... Get a life.Health Question & Answer

get net nanny installed or smash your computer and go join the amish. then you'll be too busy working from dawn to dusk to even think about porn. tsk tsk tsk you are so desensitized you'll probably never have a real relationship.Health Question & Answer

Is it really a problem.? I whack of probably 2-3 times a day average, although some days I'll get it done 10 times or so. Personally I think it's fine :PHealth Question & Answer

Whenever you feel tempted jump in a cold shower and think of thunder thighsHealth Question & Answer

Hit the clubs and find a real womenHealth Question & Answer

keep doing it it's normal Health Question & Answer

**** man who cares.? **** beat your meat hahahahahahaHealth Question & Answer

wow. ummm yea. try not watchin porn.?Health Question & Answer

you must seek advice to a psychologist.believe me...its a real problem!!!
Health Question & Answer

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