Help Me Whats Going On?!

Question: Help Me Whats Going On.?
I had like some spotting. It started off like a period with dark red blood, but it tapered off to just brown discharge after a few hours and its stopping completely. There's no blood its just brown. My periods are NEVER like this. Whats going on.? My period was supposed to start 11/19/08 and now this.

Sorry for the graphic details.Health Question & Answer

Whenever you spot with dark red or brown blood that it is not fresh blood. It is old blood. Have you had unprotected sex.? Could you be pregnant.? I would take a test if there is a possibility. If not you should go to the gynecologist. It probably isn't anything serious but whenever you have an unexplained change in your cycle and you are not pregnant you should get checked out to be on the safe side. The Dr will find out what's going on and you won't have to worry anymore.Health Question & Answer

it's just re regulating, menses are weird, hormones/stress, worry can all affect the monthly cycle. Next month, might be heavier or may get it early... just watch, it will do that throughout your life, seem normal for a long time and then changes, then back to normal. idky.Health Question & Answer

yes, my sister have same like you, and it cos my sister too work hard, so she so tired. maybe you have a same problem, but better you go to the doctor.Health Question & Answer

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