Is there a way to change/skip your period?!

Question: Is there a way to change/skip your period.?
I'm going on vacation next month and it is at a time when I get my period. Being on it would SUCK, I'd have headaches, cramps, and obviously can't get into my bathing suit for certain no romantic time with my bf lol.

So any ideas to make it late/early.? With/without pills.?Health Question & Answer

There is an herbal thing that if you start taking it now it may delay your period. It is called paraplex you should be able to get it at major health/vitamin stores or they should be able to order it in. My mom took that because she had irregular mestral cycles and it stopped it completely. I took it for a month or so in advance when i had huge soccer games and it stopped mine. So I think it is worth a try.Health Question & Answer

if your on the BC pill you can not take the placebo pills and go to the next pack and you won't get your period. you might spot a little bit if its the first time doing it but nothing to ruin the vacation. and if you wanna wear a bathing suit...wear a tampon...hope this helped :)Health Question & Answer

If your on birth cntrol pills, just skip the placebos and go straight onto the next cycle......(next packet)Health Question & Answer

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