If you come on your period do you still need the morning after pill....?!

Question: If you come on your period do you still need the morning after pill.....?
Ooo Eck I've just asked a Q BUT.

If your method of contraception failed last night, but you get you period in the morning do you still need the morning after or are you covered...?Health Question & Answer

least you got some last night!!! andy is on early, up at 4am and falls asleep when his head hits the pillow!

seriously though, if i were you, i'd got get the morning after pill anyway, just to be positive.Health Question & Answer

You are covered. All the morning after pill does is bring on your period so taking it would be completely pointless.
The morning after pill works by bringing up your hormone level dramatically, then dropping quickly, "mimicking" what happens when you really have your period. Thus it is null and void to take it WHEN YOU HAVE YOUR PERIOD!Health Question & Answer

tut tut! :) was someone not careful last night.? why don't you ask "am i pregnate.?!" go on! you know you want to!

emmy the 'nurse' so you are basically saying you CANT get pregnant on your period then.? BS. i conceived my son, and started my period the next day!Health Question & Answer

Your not covered. You can get pregnant anytime, you can get pregnant when you have your period. You need to get the morning after pill as soon as possible or you will be pregnant.Health Question & Answer

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