Advice or Tips needed please, i had really bad ...?!

Question: Advice or Tips needed please, i had really bad ....?
acne when i was younger. Im over it now and my skin is nice and clear and healthy. Unfortunately i have been left with scaring from the spots. I am very concious of this. What are my options and how much does it cost for one of those chemical skin peels.? Thanks in advance for any advice :-))Health Question & Answer

Try going to your dermatologist and getting microdermabrasion. I'm going to have to do that to once my face finally decides to clear up.Health Question & Answer

i have had microdermabrasion 3 or 4 times now, its great. really cleared up my skin. it drys your skin out alot, but if you exfoliate for the next few days youll be right. they tell you all that stuff anyway. youll be red for about half hour afterwards, but it goes away.
it costs around $110, but it is well worth the money, trust me.
its no good spending your life being ashamed of your face, or trying to cover it with make up when you can spend $110 to get it really cleared up. it does so much for your confidence, i really recommend it.
if you cant afford it, just remember not to squeeze, and to clean morning and night :) and remember its whats on the inside that counts. i know alot of people will say this, but i know what its like to feel like you look horrible all the time, i went through alot of tears and frustration because of it, but now its great.
it can be fixed :)
hope you sort out your problem, let us know what you decide to do :)Health Question & Answer

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