This might sound really weird but.... ?!

Question: This might sound really weird but.... .?
but every Friday & Saturday night when I'm on the computer i feel really and and feel like crying.

its only if I'm on the computer tho....

its happened about 5 weeks straight. exept for one week when i was in my room on the friday night and didnt feel sad..

& asked in polls & surveys and everyone was joking around :(
please help !

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Maybe something bad happend in the past when you were on the computer and your feelings are making you cry.
i dunno. maybe thats why.

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maybe you are just feeling insecure or something, if you feel sad on the computer avoid msn, myspace and any other social networking/chat programHealth Question & Answer

if you go out on the weekend with your friends instead of staying home on the computer, you wouldn't feel so lonely and sad. Health Question & Answer

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