Ok...this might seem weird but i wanna give my boyfriend a bj..but iam not sure how to do it.........?!

Question: Ok...this might seem weird but i wanna give my boyfriend a bj..but iam not sure how to do it..........?
he will be my first..and iam kinda scared.....Health Question & Answer

amen sista,

don't do anything sexual,
if you aren't comfortable with it.

if he's a good guy,
he'll understand.

my fiance and i haven't done anything like that,
he may have wanted to,haha.

but he respects how i feel.

so, if you decide to do it,
just do what you think would feel good.

try different things,
and aaaaask him!

ask him what he would want you to do,
what heee thinks would feel good.

nothing like that will be perfect the first time,
it'll take practice, haha(:

hope that helps,
danielle k?Health Question & Answer

You really don't seem ready. When it comes to sex there should always be communication (aside from "I want you to suck me" from the guy). Stuf like that evolves kind of fluidly. You don't seem to be comfortable with it, especially if you are scared. If he is pressuring you into it, trust me, a guy is never ever worth thatHealth Question & Answer

the most sensitive part of his penis is the head so concentrate your tongue and lips on that area, with the shaft and balls, use your hands to stimulate those, be creative and go with what feels good for him, if you want, ask him I'm sure he won't mind telling you! remember communication is the key to great sex. unless you're a mind reader.Health Question & Answer

If it might seem weird to you than I'm not sure you're ready. When you're ready, you'll know exactly what to do. Trust me. :] Otherwise, look it up, yeah.?Health Question & Answer

You don't seem old enough to even be thinking about these type of things! You'll regret it one day, trust me.Health Question & Answer

If you are asking people online for sexual advice, typically means you are way too young to be doing these kinds of things in the first place. Health Question & Answer

This really isnt a health problemHealth Question & Answer

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