Period problems ;(((?!

Question: Period problems ;(((.?
Recently I have gotten my period. I would only get it 3 times a month every month. But lately my period has gotten out of control. Before it used to bleed alittle and I did not need to use tampons and such because there was very little bleeding. But now it's almost been a week and the bleeding has not stopped! And there is so much blood that it even went through the tampon! Why all of the sudden had my period gotten out of control.? also it never used to hurt to have my period but now it hurts so much i cant sit through a class or anything, and it bleeds so much that I dont think it will ever stop! Please anyone have the same thing or know whats going on.?.?.?

(I got my period on the 26-29 august)Health Question & Answer

Wooohh, i think thats when my started (but that was about 2 years ago). Its normal. I had the same problems as you, they were veeerrryy spazzed. The longest period i had was for 8 weeks (still don't know how i coped lol) and when u think its finished, they will like start up again a week later and mine were VERY HEAVY (Still are) but i never get the pains.
They got me down so much that i went to the doctor who gave me these mefaneamic acid tablets. They help to ease the period pains and help to get your periods less heavy and more balanced. Mine are now pretty much ever 28 days and last for about 1-2 weeks (it was usually double before i took them)
Soo yeahh they have helped LOADDDDSSS. I would reccomend them to anyone. No side effects either. But if they really are getting u down, go see your doctor about it. It normal cos when u first start all your horomones are all over the place and it can take up to 2 years for your periods to fully settle down to a routine. Hope this helps and good luck :) Health Question & Answer

well first of all my period has always been super heavy just like that. it sucks i know! umm i guess its just part of growing up it will probably calm back down soon dont worry just chill take a midol and chill use always infiniti pads instead of tampons if it gets really bad and if u dont like pads then wear a tampon and panti liner! im really srry though :( it sucks i knowHealth Question & Answer

dude, if it goes on for more then 7 days and is really heavy tell your mom or dad, whoever you live with. it could be really bad and you probably need to go se the doctor.Health Question & Answer

its my first period and i'm on my 10th day and i have a feeling its not gonna end tomorrow x Health Question & Answer

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