20/F 5'2 or 5'3 about 105... family sayS im to skinny. how do i gain healthy weight?!

Question: 20/F 5'2 or 5'3 about 105... family sayS im to skinny. how do i gain healthy weight.?
Technically, you're not underweight.

Are you comfortable with the weight you're at now.? If so, don't worry about what everyone else says.

If you agree that you could stand to gain a few pounds, consult a dr. on how to gain in a healthy way.

Eating alot and not exercising are not good ways to gain weight. It may be effective in the short term, but when you get older your metabolism will most likely slow down and you'll find yourself with extra baggage in places that you don't want it.

A nutritionist will be able to show you how to eat a balanced diet specific to your needs and recommend the right kind of exercises for building lean muscles.Health Question & Answer

it shouldn't matter what your family thinks or what anyone else thinks of the way you look. ask yourself how you feel about your appearance, if you like it then keep doing what your doing. the second you start comparing yourself to others is when it all goes downhill. :)Health Question & Answer

hmmm. Well people say the same about me. i'm 5'4 and 95 lbs and i love to eat. Put it this way... I ate 5 eggs and 6 pieces of toast for breakfast haha. Just eat healthy and excercise (build up some muscle... muscle weighs alot!)Health Question & Answer

You sound perfect just the way you are. Just eat healthy meals and don't lose any more weight. Try out for a part in the movies, you might get it.Health Question & Answer

Actually, I think you are at the right weight for your body height.
I'm 5'4" and I weight 115.

Check out the web site below. It will tell you what your weight should be for your height.Health Question & Answer

Eat your three meals a day. Let mother nature do the rest. Mother nature purposely makes us all different sizes. I'm sure you will gain weight, when you get older. We all seem too. Well.... most of us anyway.Health Question & Answer

don't excersize,
eat a lot.
:oHealth Question & Answer

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