I think I am sick. Please read this one LITTLE paragraph and tell me if I'm sick. Thanks. ?!

Question: I think I am sick. Please read this one LITTLE paragraph and tell me if I'm sick. Thanks. .?
Ok so my legs hurt, my back hurts, I am kinda hot, my neck hurts a little, if I don't swallow for a while my through hurts A LITTLE and my neck ( where my lemnf notes are) hurts a little if I push on them. So what kind of sickness do I have and am I sick in general. Thank you so much!Health Question & Answer

Do you mean your Lymph nodes, those small lumps underneath your skin in strategic areas all over your body. Well I usually have lymph nodes swelling in my gonads, my throat and under my armpits whenever I have had a serious illness previously or when I have a huge injury somewhere on my body.

Most likely Its nothing serious but It wouldnt be bad to have a small check up session with your GP.Health Question & Answer

When I was young, my mother didn't even bother taking me
to the doctor, since this would always happen to me. The doctor
said, since I took a lot of naps, my motion sickness had something
to do with it, and that I had nothing to worry about... To tell
you the truth, I really think he was true to his word; all I had
to do was get up and about, like doing excersizing, and drink some
water and it would pass. It did, and I don't really have it any more.
Occasionally I will come across it again, but I know it's nothing to worry about.

If that's not the same for your case, I'm almost sure that you
are coming down with a virus, flu, and most likely a fever. I'm
no doctor, but I do recommend seeing one, or calling your
local pharmacist to recommend medicines for your "mystery"
case. You might want to talk to your parents or someone
in case it gets worse. I'm pretty sure it's not a severe case,
but for now, just get plenty of rest (not necessarily sleep)
and healthy juices in your system (orange juice, grape juice, etc.).
You could take a warm shower, but only if you're sure you
won't get cold when you come out of the tub.

Best of luck, and call your doctor in case! :-).

Health Question & Answer

Sounds like a little virus to me. Rest, drink lots of fluids, just take it easy. If it lasts more than a few days, or if you start to run a high fever or develop more serious pain, go right to your doctor, as those might indicate an infection for which you'd need antibiotics.
Good luck!Health Question & Answer

sounds like it might me an infection, maybe throat if it hurts to swallow, but infections usually cause aches, pains, swelling and fevers, Id go to a doctor and get him to check it out Health Question & Answer

YOu need to see a doctor. It could be lots of things. Sounds like flu, or infection. If nothing else, drink plenty of fluids and take vitamin C. and see a doctor as soon as you can.Health Question & Answer

could be Cancer at worst,Tonsillitis at moderate and Influenza at the least or other things.Go to your doctor.Oh and if you have been singing the wrong way and screaming a lot it could be nodulesHealth Question & Answer

i think its a virus i had it and i had the same thing but like it stayed for 1 week and than i was gud u shud go to doctor if it realy is that bad Health Question & Answer

maybe u have the flu. Some of the symptoms include soreness. You possibly could be sick but then again you could be a hypochondriac. Health Question & Answer

OMG thyroid (Its a gland in your neck that controls metabolism and hormones) problems- I have the same thing are ur periods irregular.? go see a doctorHealth Question & Answer

You may some kind of infection(flu, mumps, etc...) or appendicitis. Go to a doctor now.Health Question & Answer

you're probably menopausic. Health Question & Answer

Um.. you should probably see a doctor.Health Question & Answer

thats really weird, thats happening to me and my mom tooHealth Question & Answer

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