Does birth control make you feel like your about to get your period or pregnant?!

Question: Does birth control make you feel like your about to get your period or pregnant.?
i've been on birth control for the past 2 months and i constantly feel like im about to get my period. i get crampy and my breasts and VERY sore and itchy (not my nipples, my actual breasts) .. my nipples are pealing for some weird reason.. not a lot. just a little. and i've also noticed A LOT more discharge then normal.. btw. im on sprintec. is this normal or is it a cause for concern.?Health Question & Answer

Well you are supposed to experience weird symptoms for up to when teh 3rd month is done.

But peeling breasts.. Id never heard anything about that so Id ask a doctor.. or call a pharmacists if you cant get to a doctor immediatly. also dont get scared okay because people on yahoo asnwers (yes i am one haha) try to make you feel like youre dying.

So just cross the bridge when you come to it good luckHealth Question & Answer

you may want to try a lower dose birth control pill. you can be bloated and tend to gain a little weight. all they do is regulate your hormones and tell you when you will get your period.Health Question & Answer

The symptoms are normal, but I suggest talking to your doctor about getting on another pill. Any symptoms that are that harsh and inconvenience you should be reported to your doctor and he/she can put you on another pill.Health Question & Answer

yeah, it mimics a state of pregnancy, not sure about that drug, might have peeling if breast size increases somewhat, use lotion, talk with doc if sx bothersome. seems to be...Health Question & Answer

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