Is it wrong for a 14 year old girl to masturbate?!

Question: Is it wrong for a 14 year old girl to masturbate.?
i have been doing it for a while, it feels really good, but after i do it, i feel guitly. sometimes i watch porn too. not to be pevereted it just makes me feel good. is this wrong.? and if not what can i use to masturbate.?Health Question & Answer

NO! it is NOT wrong hun. Absolutely NOT! :)
I am 15, and I masterbate sometimes.
It is perfectly healthy.
I used to feel horribly guilty.
But there is really no need to.
I bet half the kids in school you know do it too. :) Probably more!
Perfect healthy and normal.
And looking at porn is normal too. I promise. :)Health Question & Answer

Just so you know that porn is a lie and not real. Things that you see there do not normally happen so do not expect it to. Masturbation is normal. It is a proven fact, though that you can get addicted to porn and also have unrealistic expectancies toward sex in the future. Some people teach their kids that masterbating is wrong because of religious beliefs. Only you can decide if it is immoral or not for you and your situation. I am more alarmed at your use of porn as I think it is emotionally and mentally poisoning. Health Question & Answer

It's not wrong.

Going through puberty makes you think sexually.
I'm sure that's why you like to do it.

and if barely anybody watched porn, there wouldn't be so many sites.

It's not wrong at all.Health Question & Answer

no deep down most girls did it or tried it at least once and porn is mad int resting I have a twin brother and we watch it wen were bored (don't worry we dnt masturbate together or anything) do what you want it okHealth Question & Answer

It is normal and natural, you should not feel guilty at all.
You should also be careful you do not become addicted to pornography and masturbation. Yes they can become an addiction.
Health Question & Answer

Nah it's not bad.
The only reason you feel is guilty is because since you were born, you were flooded with messages not to do it by your parents, your church, authorities, etc...Health Question & Answer

It is 100% normal! You are at the age where your hormones are kicking into full force and you want to explore your body. There is absolutely nothing wrong with anything you are doing!

:)Health Question & Answer

No its not wrong at all. 14 is a fine age to start to "discover yourself" Its all good. You can use whatever feels good to you, just as long as its clean.Health Question & Answer

its normal,
dont feel guilty.
it is supposed to be a sin.
but whatever.
if it was a sin, it wouldnt feel amazing.
lolHealth Question & Answer

Whatever floats your boat, as long as the porn thing doesn't become an addiction or anything.
Its better than you getting pregnant and STDs doing the real thing.Health Question & Answer

Go for it,.,as much as you want to.

Use anything you want to use to do it.

You're 100% Normal.

Enjoy yourself !Health Question & Answer

DUDE!! masturbating is absolutely normal..i do it..
just dont do it toooo much.hehe then it can become an issue.hehe
but yea porn is great..=D u shood get a sex toy..they are fun. =DHealth Question & Answer

I't perfectly normal, I'v been doing it for as long as I remember. The guilty feeling goes away after awhile. There are lots of sex toys you could explore, or simply use your fingers. Health Question & Answer

It's totally normal, don't worry about it.
You're just curious and it's nothing to be ashamed or feel guilty aboutHealth Question & Answer

Ya dont feel ashamed every1 does it they just dont want to admit it, but u did and that takes guts every1 else who dont r *******Health Question & Answer

your hand might fall off if you keep doing that. or it won't. [ it is a normal thing you are doing ] later get some toys it helps.Health Question & Answer

you can discover all information about masturbation belowHealth Question & Answer

yes its very normal... so don't feel guilty ... its not like your going around having sex. ha so don't worry about it its healthyHealth Question & Answer

It don't really matter to me
Everybody's got to fight to be free
You see you don't have
To live like a refugeeHealth Question & Answer

It feels good, not bad for you, doesn't hurt anybody, keep it up!Health Question & Answer

Ofcourse its not ! its really normalHealth Question & Answer

to me it is ttly fine. It cant hurt u or any 1 else so do wat makes u feel right.Health Question & Answer

its completly normal, and if u looking of ways to do it, u can always search on google.Health Question & Answer

No, 14-year-old boys do it too.
Do whatever you want.Health Question & Answer

you are a perfectly normal 14 y.o. girl, so don't worry.Health Question & Answer

Hey Lets Cam 2 Cam when we masturbateHealth Question & Answer

everyone does it no need to feel guiltyHealth Question & Answer

no dont feel guilty

i encourage it!Health Question & Answer

My ex girl friend used to use her vibrating shaver handle Health Question & Answer

It's really not normal for a girl, despite what liberals will tell you.

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yes its wrong. Your vagina may fall off if you keep doing it.Health Question & Answer

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