Is it possible to get pregnant when your not on Ur period?!

Question: Is it possible to get pregnant when your not on Ur period.?
I am 14 and me and my boyfriend have been going out for 2 years now so we were thinking about have sex(but safe!) but i have been thinking and i read that condoms some times break during sexual inter coarse so i was wondering if i could get pregnant if I'm not on my period cuz if you can then i don't want to risk it.....Health Question & Answer

There's always a risk of getting pregnant. And condoms can break or fall off.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by "not on my period" Do you mean you've never had your period ever.? Or do you mean, can you get pregnant in the 3 weeks or so in between flow.? Either way, the answer is yes, you can get pregnant.

You have been with your boyfriend for a long time, and I'm glad you're atleast thinking of being safe. I know it may be difficult to wait to have sex til you're older, but at your age sex isn't worth the worry that comes every month while you're waiting for your period... believe me, I speak from personal experience!!
I don't mean to lecture, but atleast consider what I'm saying here. Even if this boy is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, it's very possible that the two of you will look back on this and wish you had waited and avoided the worry about getting caught or getting pregnant.Health Question & Answer

from the first time you get your period until you hit menopause in your 40s 50s you can always get pregnant
so even if its not that time of the month yet, you can get pregnant
even when it is that time of the month you can get pregnant
you can get pregnant on the first time too
if you have never gotten your period then you cannot get pregnant but you should still be safe because it will prevent the spread of STDs
But remember, condoms are not 100% effective Health Question & Answer

You can get pregnant anytime you have sex. Whether your on your period or not. You need to get educated. Only time condoms break during sex is if they condom has air in it.You shouldn't be having sex if you didn't even know that you could get pregnant even if your not on your period. I will let you know that it hurts very much your first time.Health Question & Answer

I'm not saying you're too young, but you need more information on this kind of thing. but I'm here to help! :D

be sure to learn how to use a condom!
and know that you can get pregnant at any time of the month. Even when you're on your period! (not that anyone would want to do that, sense it's kinda gross)

but yeah, I have a lot I could tell you. But it can be kind of personal. And I'm not here to judge you, I just want to make sure you can prevent pregnancy with every chance you get. :-)

e-mail me for more info. :-)Health Question & Answer

oh goodness....

you can get pregnant at any point in you cycle... actually when you're having your period is the least likely time. This lack of information on your part shows that you're not ready for sex AT ALL.

If you do it, use a condom. But better yet, don't do it at all. I was 14 when I lost my virginity. I'm now 26 and I regret it every day.Health Question & Answer

you get pregnant when you aren't on your period. Your period is a sign that the egg was not fertilized, it flows through your fallopian tubes and then flows out with the blood. The blood has collected during the month to catch and nourish a fertilized egg.Health Question & Answer

yes you can get pregnant before you ever have a period...but use a condom anyway if ur thinking about having sex...get on the pill also...please go to planned parenthood if you afraid to tell ur dont need a parent to go see them...but its best to talk to ur mom if you can :)Health Question & Answer

YES, you always should think about risk of pregnancy - read below about hymen, first time sex, safe sex and dual contraceptionHealth Question & Answer

* Now, now, now, Savannah. Many of us are more than willing to swim in the red river. Some will gladly drink from it. Don't be such a prude.Health Question & Answer

....... Hun, women always (well 99% of the time) get pregnant when they're NOT on their periods. My mom misinformed me as well. Had I begun having sex at your young age, I would have gotten pregnant quickly. Health Question & Answer

YEAH! u don't get your period AFTER because u had sex if you get pregnant. and maybe you don't need to be having sex right now if youre not fully informed =]Health Question & Answer

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