Is It Normal To Be....... Afraid To Loose Your Virginity?!

Question: Is It Normal To Be....... Afraid To Loose Your Virginity.?
Okay, From The Title Of This I Bet You Think I'm A Nut.But,
I'm........ Afraid To Lose My Virginity.Only Because I'm Afraid It Will Hurt. Is That Normal.? And Will It Hurt.?
also Will I Bleed If My Hymen Breaks.?Health Question & Answer

I think it's good that you're scared. Though it is good that you're scared in general, personally I think you should be more concerned about your well being after, such as STDs and your partner.

I too am a virgin, simply because everytime I have tried, it hurt a lot. However it's different for everyone. I've heard everything from that it's going to hurt and to just suck it up, to that it doesn't hear that much. I can tell you that if you use tampons it should hurt less because you're already somewhat stretched out.

If your hymen isn't already broken then there is a good chance you might bleed.

I can't stress this enough, just be safe and be protected and cautious. Don't let anyone pressure you into doing something you don't think you're mentally and emotionally ready for.Health Question & Answer

You're probably afraid because you're not ready. It doesn't hurt if you're aroused and he uses lube, but still it will be a little uncomfortable at first. You probably will bleed, most girls do at some point, and it's not much. If you're worried about that, have sex the first time in the shower so the blood just goes down the drain, or lay a towel down.

Just be sure to have the guy wear a condom, and don't do it until you're ready. It's something that you'll always regret if you aren't ready. also, find out as much as you can about sex before you do it, the more you know, the more prepared you'll be.Health Question & Answer

It's completely normal to be afraid, and it does hurt, I won't lie to you about that. If your hymen breaks you will bleed, but not terribly much. Most girls break their hymen before they ever lose their virginity, usually while doing sports or some other physical activity. If you're afraid, don't have sex. In time you'll feel better about it. =]Health Question & Answer

Break the hymen yourself with a tampon , dildo , carrot with a condom on it its your choice .
It will hurt less if you do it in advance and get it over with before you get with a guy.Health Question & Answer

the answer is yes to all your questions but it only gets better it aint as big of a deal as every one thinks but make sure you are ready and protected cause thats one thing you can not get ever get backHealth Question & Answer

Yes, it's normal. Yes, it'll hurt. Yes you'll bleed if your hymen breaks.Health Question & Answer

yes its normal.. It will hurt but only for the first few minutes . You will bleed but everyone does so no big deal. Health Question & Answer

there is a possibility that you will bleed, and i might hurt. its kinda normal... i guess.. and u r a nut lolHealth Question & Answer

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