Is it normal for a girl to masturbate?!

Question: Is it normal for a girl to masturbate.?
I'm a girl and I like to masturbate. I wasn't sure if it was normal.? also, I wanted some tips on how to make the experience more enjoying.Health Question & Answer

By age 12, about 1/4 of all girls have already been masturbating to orgasm for half their lives or more. by 15, about 80% are doing it regularly. Even infants and very old people do it.

Things don't *get* any more normal than that.

Masturbation is having sex with the only person you'll ever meet who knows *exactly* what you feel and what you like, even if that changes every second.

One thing you can do to find out is check out these webpages:

Read the pages all the way through, and try some of the things suggested. Take your time (it might take a whole afternoon the first time), and just enjoy learning what feels best for you. Sooner or later, you'll have an orgasm, and they get better each time if you're one of those lucky girls who can have them again and again.

An orgasm is all the things you feel and all the things that happen with your body at the peak of sexual arousal and pleasure. It's a reflex we're all born with (just like knee jerks and sneezes) that our bodies have in response to sexual stimulation. You will *definitely* know when you have one. There's nothing else anywhere in human experience that feels that way.

It can take a girl or woman anywhere from a few seconds to a couple of hours to reach orgasm. Both of these are pretty unusual but perfectly normal, and anything in between is just fine... and most can get there in much less than 10 minutes when they masturbate.

Just before orgasm, you might have a feeling a bit like you have to pee, but it's not quite the same, and when your orgasm first happens, there'll be a very strong (sometimes intense and *powerful*), warm and sometimes tingly feeling that spreads from your clitoris to your vagina and then through your whole lower body. Then very quickly your clitoris, your vagina, your crotch muscles and your butt-hole will squeeze and pulse a few times while that feeling spreads all over you.

During all this, your toes will probably curl, you might feel like you need to hold your breath or like you have to breathe really fast, your body will want to tense up and might jerk or shake or shiver, and you might make some noises (grunts, gasps, groans or cries) that you can't really control. You might "squirt" or "ejaculate" a lot of fluid from your urethra (don't worry, it's not pee). The whole time, it's just about the best feeling there is.

(Everything you "might" feel or do above isn't always going to happen... some orgasms are much less overwhelming than just *very* pleasureable.)

As that feeling becomes more gentle and starts to go away (after maybe 5 to 20 seconds), your whole body will begin to relax, and you might feel sort of like having a nap... or like just lying there and letting your mind drift.

Have fun with it and don't worry. Masturbating is normal and healthy, and learning what pleases you sexually is good for you... especially because you'll know what to tell (better yet, to show) your man about how to please you when you have sex.Health Question & Answer

Hell, yeah! I've been masturbating since I was 14, I'm 26 now and I try to masturbate at least once a day. Sometimes, I like to leave it a few days, and then I have a really intense orgasm next time I do it.

Masturbation is amazing, and I've had some of the best orgasms of my life whilst masturbating. It's different to sex. Sex is just as good but in a different way. You're getting intimate with someone special, and it feels amazing to be kissed and touched all over by the person you love.

But to be honest, my orgasms are usually a lot more intense through masturbation. This is because no one in the world can touch you better than you can touch yourself. I can take as long as I want, or I can get it over with in a few seconds if need be.

So I've had plenty of orgasms through sex, but I can make them a lot better when I'm flying solo.

In terms of making it better, I swear by my Rampant Rabbit. In fact, I rarely use my fingers now unless I'm somewhere else and the rabbit's not with me! The vibration is extremely intense and I can come in only a few seconds. But it's a lot better to make myself wait on the brink for as long as I can stand it, then just let go and come - incredible!

But it does depend how old you are. I wouldn't invest in a vibrator until you're at least 16! But I guess you could always ask an older friend to get you one if you really want to try it now.Health Question & Answer

completely normal!!! look at any other questions and most of here have confessed to it! its okay everyone does it

something that vibrates is good. but everyone is different. water presser is awesome! with a take of head or bath tub. everyone is differnet so just experiment and hav fun!

good luck!Health Question & Answer

TOTALLY NORMAL... we just don't feel the need to constantly remind other girls that we have vaginas the way guys constantly talk about their penises.
try using an ice cube... its an awesome feeling.
;) have fun, happy masterbating!Health Question & Answer

Dont worry its normal. Girls just dont go on about it like guys do. lol

You dont need a dildo or to go 'inside' yourself.
you just need to find ur clit. just rub urself down there.. u know. lol. you will find that spot. ;)

Have fun!Health Question & Answer

It's completely normal. Every woman has tried it and most do it a few times a week! This website has stories and tips about masturbation.

http://the-clitoris.comHealth Question & Answer

lol, it's very normal. I like to masterbate too, most women do this.
Health Question & Answer

Yes normalHealth Question & Answer

i think it is normal !! but idk get a dilldo!Health Question & Answer


No, you should let me take care of you ;)Health Question & Answer

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