Is dark-brown discharge a week before period is expected normal?!

Question: Is dark-brown discharge a week before period is expected normal.?
im about 5 days away from my period and ive been experiencing a brown discharge for about two days. ive never been to an ob-gyn or seen a doctor about this problem. im kinda worried.Health Question & Answer

your fine your period is probably coming. this brown stuff which i've usually experienced is old blood leaving your fallopian tubes to let the new blood out. when i get brown discharge my period is close behind. unless your sexually active then it could be implantation bleeding or pregnancy, if so go out of your way to take a test. if your period doesn't come within two weeks and you still get this brown discharge phone the doctor. they won't criticize you and you have nothing to worry about. they will only help you.

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It is probably nothing to worry about just some spotting before your period starts.Health Question & Answer

The link I post below should answer your question! :)Health Question & Answer

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