Girls Only, or doctors.....What is it??????!

Question: Girls Only, or doctors.....What is it.?.?.?.?.?.?
so in october i had some weird discharge.It was chunky and yellowish brown.then i had that for one day.then a month later i got it again but its more yellow.But it has red tiny little streaks in it.almost looks like a piece of thread.But i wasn't wearing red underwear.Is this my period.?or an infection.?If so, would an infection stop my period from coming.?im so confused and i need help.Health Question & Answer

Hi Shaylin,

What you describe sounds perfectly natural for someone your age.Damn periods!!!They are a trouble when you start and even more trouble when menopause hits!

You will find that you get various colours of discharge on and off for a few months sometimes with intermittent bleeding until you start properly,It is absolutely nothing to worry about it is just inconvenient rather than anything serious.

Carry pads around with you whatever time of the month it is until you get on a regular cycle so that you are never caught out with no protection to hand.

Hope this helps.

love Mel.XHealth Question & Answer

some things sound normal but to be on the safe side go to a doctor and make sure you dont have an infection of some sort...Health Question & Answer

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