Is this normal for a girl on her period?!

Question: Is this normal for a girl on her period.?
Ok so my girlfriend got her period today...and I'm a girl too and this is crazy so I have to ask:

Everytime my girlfriend gets her period, its well, insane. She frantically bawls her eyes out, screaming that her cramps and whole "area" hurt. She throws up form the pain, can't move or sleep. It keeps her up all night, lasting for an average of 2 days. She is not usually a dramatic person, so I'm concerned for her. She gets very emotionally unstable, moreso than just the normal fluctuating emotions that go along with starting your period. Being a girl myself, I never act like that. I may get cramps. But anyway my girlfriends family thinks she makes it up and that just make sher cry more with frusteration. Whats wrong with her.?Health Question & Answer

She should go to a doctor. They may be able to help her with these pains. They will probably put her on birth control to help with the cramps and mood swings.Health Question & Answer

It's different for every girl and believe me, when girls have their periods, nothing in their body is under her complete control. It will be ok.Health Question & Answer

i think she is being dramatic but i am not tryin to be a A>@ hole because it may be serious the only thing u can do is comfort her
good luck!Health Question & Answer

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