I have a pea sized lump under my left arm-pit...since last Friday, it has not changed, what could this be?!

Question: I have a pea sized lump under my left arm-pit...since last Friday, it has not changed, what could this be.?
It can be seen if you know your looking for it, it looks like a raised bump almost like a mosquito bite but feels like your moving a pea or a lima bean around under my skin... looks a little red. It has not changed at all since i noticed it a week ago, today. It is definitely internal-it is not above the skin.
I am kind of nervous about it. I am planning to go to the doctor next week to have it checked out, but I was wondering if anyone else has had this same issue....thanks, for your answers in advance.
~RebeccaHealth Question & Answer

Could be any number of things, most of which are benign. The above answerers have provided a lot of examples. Lymph nodes, cyst, bug bite, benign tumor or... well, don't freak, but breast cancer can be in that area as well. Most likely it's nothing, and I see you're already going to the doctor, so that's good. Most of the time lumps are nothing to be concerned with, so don't worry until you have something to worry about, k.? Good luck!Health Question & Answer

There are several things that it could be, but i have had the same thing happen to me many times in my life, and everytime it was an ingrown hair from shaving my pits. Have a doctor check it out to be shure, but if it happens again and looks exactly the same, you will know it's just an ingrown hair. Try squeezing it in a few days, you will prob get white gunk comming out of it, if that is the case...you got an ingrown hair.Health Question & Answer

are you running a fever.? do you have a wound somewhere in your arms.? then you have an infection due to the wound. infections due to wounds sometimes creates lumps in the armpits. once you take antibiotics, these lumps will disappear. if you don't have a wound and not running a fever then better see a doctor. don't worry, these maybe are just small cysts that can be removed at out-patient clinics.Health Question & Answer

Do you shave your armpits frequently.? I was in a similar situation last week. I went to the docs and turns out it was only an ingrown hair due to shaving.

It could be a cyst or a sign of something more serious. Have you checked your breasts for lumps too.? make sure you get the doc to check both underarms and breasts.

Good luckHealth Question & Answer

Google up folliculitis. I had the same kind of thing a few months back. Shaving will do this, and the hair follicle gets infected, etc. USually it resolves on it's own (can take a month) but sometimes antibiotics are required.Health Question & Answer

it could be a bite. but may be a lyph node or a cyst. niether are a main concern. I really wouldn't jump to the thought that it is something crazay like cander.

my mom and i get cysts there. they just cut them out. day surgery. one stich. really no big deal. Health Question & Answer

There are many glands in that part of your body. You need to go to the doctor and have this checked out and maybe have a mammogram. I have actually had those and they went away on their own, but no lump should be ignored.Health Question & Answer

It could be an inflamed lymph node, which is usually not really serious. I would still go to the doctor to get it checked out, though. This happened to me (in the same place) and it just went away on its own.Health Question & Answer

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