How safe is it to play around with no condom?!

Question: How safe is it to play around with no condom.?
my boyfriend and i decided not to have sex till we graduate from highschoool....but we still have foreplay and oral....

how safe is it to lie on each other...and play around with no condom.?.?Health Question & Answer

If his penis is on or in your vagina it is totally unsafe. Even if your boyfriend does not ejaculate anywhere close to your vagina there can still be pre-ejaculate on the tip of his penis that emerge long before he comes. You need to really be careful sperm are very good swimmers and can live up to two days inside of you hon. I hope you decide to take some precautions. Good luck!Health Question & Answer

If he enters you at all or his penis is around your opening while he has precome on it, there is a likelihood of getting pregnant. Other than that you're safe, as long as he doesn't come anywhere on your bare vag and surrounding area =]Health Question & Answer

It is safe as long as he doesn't *** on you especially near your Vagina.Health Question & Answer

Safe. :DHealth Question & Answer

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