best treatment for irritable bowel syndrome? what about rifaxamin? anyone trie!

Wow, my daughter was just dignosed w/this. I can tell you they us to give her 15-20 more fiber. And BROWN rice is a good source of fiber. And they gave her this medicine called "Miralax" its a powder that we mix w/8oz of her favorite drink. Mostly apple juice. Anyway its not to bad in price wise if you have insurace and if you don't have insurace I think it does some in generic. Anyway if you are wanting some more tips you can email me. I think I've got lots of knowlege in the past 2 months only b/c of my daughter. Hope this helps you out.

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Cigarettes. They relax the bowel, and make you at least 30% cooler.

Seriously, they really can help, though the obvious harmful side effects make them a tough choice to make.

Good Luck.
House M.D.
Zelnorm (prescription med) has been a tremendous help to me and my mom. We suffered from irregular bowel movements, extreme bloating, heartburn, etc.
I began on two pills a day and now I'm down to 1/2 pill each day. My stomach never felt so good!

You can also try increasing your fiber intake. But sometimes this causes you to bloat. DON'T TRY THE CIGARETTES!
Suffering from IBS myself, I have to say the most effective treatment has been stress reduction and change in diet. Getting a massage regularly has helped me a lot- also make sure you don't have any food allergies irritating your condition- you can get tested for those at a Naturopath. Common allergies include, dairy, wheat, soy, peanuts, and nuts.
DONT DO THE CIGARETTES. IT IS REALLY REALLY STUPID. some things that have worked for me with this is getting a really good diet and like other ppl have said trying to reduce stress. just like try to calm down and stuff.


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