What are the benefits of drinking tea?!

Question: Iced tea(sweetened or unstweened) and hot teas.
Eisai was also instrumental in introducing tea consumption to the warrior class, which rose to political prominence after the Heian Period. Eisai learned that the general Samurai (Shogun) Sanetomo Minamoto had a habit of drinking too much every night. In 1214, Eisai presented a book he had written to the general, lauding the health benefits of tea drinking. After that, the custom of tea drinking became popular among the Samurai.

Very soon, green tea became a staple among cultured people in Japan -- a brew for the gentry and the Buddhist priesthood alike. Production grew and tea became increasingly accessible, though still a privilege enjoyed mostly by the upper classes.

Other Answers:
green tea is awesome. Antioxidants and the right blend of herbs that manke you feel better. Drink it with honey either cold or hot.

Black tea. Too bitter, too much caffeine, not much nutritional value.


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